Investing in early stage technology companies

The Vault Capital principals, advisors and special investors share a passion for making things happen. They believe there are elegant solutions to even the most complex problems; that great teams build industry leading companies; and that fair dealing companies create a cohesive and strong community.

They are an ambitious group that is committed to the scientists and entrepreneurs they work with and focused on supporting them as they take on the daunting task of launching market-leading companies. They are dedicated to creating businesses and developing new markets with the highest ethics and integrity.

The firm's advisors have worked on boards together for years and have had ample opportunity to refine the art of solving strategic challenges. They believe that it is trust and respect for one another that cultivates the greatest brilliance, leadership and results. They listen well and support the individuality, vision, and drive of great entrepreneurial teams.


Franklin, Petra - Managing Director & Co-founder of Vault Capital. UUNET, AT&T, Chihuly Inc, SpaceLabs, Scantech, CBS, IBM, Board Member of the National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Center and WBP. Link to bio.

Advisors and Special Investors

Ballantine, John - exCEO & Co-founder of FreeShop

Barnicle, Brendan - Pacific Crest Securities, Cruttenden Roth, Olympic Capital Partners, Bogle & Gates.

Black, Dan - Mmg Dir of Kinzer Capital.

Britt, Kevin - CEO Tumwater Canyon LLC, Spry, Affinity Ventures, CogniSoft.

Eggers, Mitchell - COO of Global Market Insight , previously with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Fotheringham, Vern - Advanced Radio Telecom, Norcom Networks, the Composite Group. Board of Directors Terabeam.

Gelinas, Tim - ex CTO DataChannel, ex CTO Spry.

Justen, William - CEO Justen Co, Mmg Dir of Samis Land Co, Co-founder Vault Capital, Advisory Board TeraBeam.

Lahaie, David - Founder and President of ERI

Lipsky, Scott - CEO RGB Labs, Co-Founder & ex-CTO, Avenue A, Ex-VP Amazon, Ex-CIO & CTO, Barnes & Noble.

Pettis, Chuck - Founder & CEO Brand Solutions, Inc., Author of TechnoBrands.

Rhoads, Linden - CEO Seattle Ventures & Co-founder of GBI, adrelevance, nimble, singingfish, & NearMe

Schrock, Jeff - CEO Activate, a division of CMGI

Treiger, Irwin - Partner Dorsey Whitney, Co-founder Vault Capital

Vanderslice, Jim - CEO WebGecko, formerly with Microsoft

Washburn, Alex - Summit Capital, President, The Washburn Group, Ex-Investment Advisor Smith Barney

Wood, Steve - CEO & Co-founder Wireless Services Corporation, Microsoft employee #6, Asymetrix, Starwave, McCaw Cellular, Notable

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